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Shed or Carport/Accessory Structure Permit

  1. Land Use (check one)*
  2. If under $2,500, enter NA
  3. Contractor Information (if applicable)
  4. Keep in mind, for residential uses, the accessory structure must be in the side or back yard, must be at least 3 feet away from side boundaries and 6.5 feet away from rear boundary. The structure must be at least 5 feet away from all other structures, except for carports. A residential property may have up to 800 square feet of total accessory structures.
  5. Permit fee will be $10 for projects under $2,500. For projects over $2,500, fee will be $2 per thousand of construction cost. (Cost x .002)
  6. Once your permit has been approved by the City, you will receive a secure link from [email protected] in which to pay your application fee.

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  8. Your building permit and zoning certificate will be emailed to you once your payment has processed.
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