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Historic Preservation Awards Program


  1. 1. Historic Preservation Awards Program
  2. 2. Historic Preservation Awards Program Nomination Form
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  • Historic Preservation Awards Program

    1. The City of Carbondale Preservation Commission is currently seeking nominations for the 2023 Historic Preservation Awards Program. Any property located within Carbondale City limits is eligible for nominations. All residential, commercial, public, and religious buildings are eligible for consideration. Nominations can be submitted by anyone; however, property owners are encouraged to nominate their own property. All nominations are due no later than 4:30 p.m. on Monday, April 17, 2023. The awards will be presented at a City Council meeting in May in coordination with National Preservation Month. If you have any questions regarding the Historic Preservation Awards Program or any other Preservation Commission activities, contact the Planning Services Division at (618) 457-3258.

    3. 1. Preservation:
      This includes buildings that have been kept in their original architectural style and are being used for their original purpose.
    4. 2. Restoration:
      Properties that have been restored to their original style or appearance.
    5. 3. Sympathetic Addition:
      Construction of an addition to an existing structure that is consistent with the original architectural style of the structure.
    6. 4. Compatible New Construction:
      Any new structure that is consistent with the original architectural style of the neighborhood or that utilizes historic building materials and techniques.
    7. 5. Adaptive Reuse:
      Existing structures that have maintained their original architectural style, but are not being used for their original purpose.
      * Impact of the project on the community; * Quality and level of difficulty of the project; * Degree to which the project serves as an example of excellence in historic preservation and influences others
    9. The City of Carbondale Preservation Commission reserves the right to disqualify any nomination that is incomplete or does not meet the nomination requirements.