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Parade/Street Closing Application



    1. 1. Anyone interested in holding a parade or a road race within the City of Carbondale must submit a completed Application for Parade/Street Closing to apply for a permit one month before the proposed date of the event. Applications must include an explanation and diagram of the proposed route for the parade or road race. 

      2. If the proposed parade or road race crosses a state highway or if the event is on a state highway the Department of Transportation requires the purchase of liability insurance for the event protecting the State of Illinois. Submit a copy of the insurance binder with the application. 

      3. There is no fee for a permit for a parade or a road race within the City of Carbondale. 

      4. The City Manager’s Office reviews the completed application to assure all information required is submitted, including the insurance binder, if applicable. The application is forwarded to the Police Department and Street Department for review and recommendations regarding the proposed event. Upon their review, the application is returned to the City Manager for approval/denial. 

      5. The City Manager reviews the application and the recommendations of the Police Department and Street Department and makes the final determination of approval/denial of the application.

      6. If the proposed event crosses a state highway or if the event is held on a state highway, the Department of Transportation has final authority for approval/denial of the proposed event. If the event is approved by the City Manager, the application along with the City’s recommendations and a copy of the insurance policy purchased by the parade sponsors is submitted to the Department of Transportation for review and approval/denial of use of the state highway. The Department of Transportation will review the application and provide their decision to the City Manager’s Office.

      The City Manager’s office notifies the approval/denial of the event in writing.