Is there an estimated cost for this project?

The total estimated project cost is $17,482,500.

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1. Is P.O. Box 2947 the correct mailing address for the City?
2. Is there an estimated cost for this project?
3. Does the DBE participation goal of 2.4% apply to the design team?
4. Can the City Logo be used on submittal materials as a header or similar in acknowledgement to the City?
5. For LEED Certification, can you tell us if the new project will require LEED commissioning and, if so, what level of certification - basic certification, Silver, Gold, Platinum?
6. Does the City want us to retain a Landscape Architect as a consultant, or does the City plan on doing their own landscaping (per previous projects)?
7. Are the second floor multi-use lease spaces and childcare facility mentioned in the Project Narrative (but not referenced in the RFQ) still part of the program?
8. Should we include survey and Geotech as part of our scope, or does the City already have this information?
9. The Project Narrative that accompanied the Build Grant applications references preliminary design. Is it possible to see those preliminary designs and/or know who created them? Are you asking the sele
10. The scope of services in the RFQ mentions Preliminary Architectural Documents, but does not mention further design phases, including construction documents. Is this just a preliminary design contract,
11. Is the demolition of the Bike Shop within the SIMMS submittal purview and, if so, the environmental assessment for that building is therefore to be anticipated?
12. Is there a requirement for either LEED certification, or design to LEED standards without certification, for the new SIMMS facility?
13. Would you please clarify what environmental studies, if any, will need to be complted by the design team as part of the design process?
14. Will public involvement be required for the programming and preliminary design phases?
15. Is Commissioning included within the scope of "Architectural, Engineering, and Environmental Studies to complete the design"?
16. Is there a page number limit on the RFQ response?
17. Are you accepting hand delivered qualifications or do you prefer they come via mail or delivery service?
18. Is the change of due date for the proposals the only change included in the addendum that was just received?