How can I support local businesses during this time?

Listed below are restaurants offering Patio Seating/Curbside/Pick-Up/Delivery/DoorDash/GrubHub Delivery. This list is from the Southern Illinois Eats Facebook Group.

Aban’s Kitchen (Pick-Up & GrubHub Delivery)

Arnies (EXTENDED Delivery & Curbside)

Bandana’s BBQ (Curbside/DoorDash Delivery)

Blend Tea & Crepe (Pick-Up/Delivery/Patio Seating)

Buckwater (Curbside)

Chango’s Bar and Grill (Pick-Up & Delivery)

China Wok (Pick-Up & Delivery)

Cool Spoons (Pick-Up & Outdoor Seating)

Cristaudo’s (Online Pre-Orders)

The Cellar (Patio Seating)

Dales Burger Shack (Curbside & Delivery. Hours Vary)

Don Sol (Patio Service/Pick-Up)

Don Taco (Pick-Up & Delivery)

El Paisano (Outdoor Seating/Curbside)

Flame Steakhouse (Patio Service & Curbside)

Fujiyama (Pick-Up)

Global Gourmet (Patio Service with Heaters)

Harbaugh’s Cafe (Pick-Up)

Hunan (Carryout/Curbside)

Italian Village (Patio Service & Pick-Up)

Keepers Quarters (Temporarily Closed)

Larry’s House of Cakes (Carry Out/Curbside)

Longbranch (Temporarily Closed)

Mama Pangs at PK’s (Pick-Up/Patio with Heaters)

New Kahala (Curbside & Delivery)

Pagliai’s (Pick-Up & Delivery)

Pita Alley (Pick-Up &Outdoor Seating)

Primos Pizza (Pick-Up & Delivery)

Quatros (Curbisde & Delivery)

Sam’s Cafe (Pick-Up & Delivery)

Sergio’s (Takeout & Patio Seating)

SI Meatballs (Mobile)

Tequila’s (Pick-Up/Curbside/DoorDash/GrubHub Delivery/Patio Seating

Thai Taste (Curbside & GrubHub Delivery)

The Cellar (Patio Seating)

Town Square Market (Pick-Up)

Tres Hombres (Patio Service with Heaters)

Underground Public House (Patio Service with Heaters)

Yamato Steakhouse (Pick-Up & GrubHub Delivery)

If you are a restaurant owner and want to be added to the list, please email Public Relations Officer Roni LeForge at [email protected].

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1. How can I support local businesses during this time?
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