Downtown Entertainment and Events Plaza

Description: The City of Carbondale received $2 million in grant funding from the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity's Rebuild Downtowns and Main Streets program to construct Phase 1 of a downtown entertainment and event plaza.

Phase 1 of the Plaza will include a permanent stage, an ADA-compliant parking lot, and a large lawn that will accommodate thousands of guests or a multitude of events. The completion of Phase 1 will enable the community to host entertainment and performing arts events in the heart of our community. 

Phase 2 will bring additional amenities to the Plaza, such as a market activity pavilion with permanent restrooms, an acoustic wall along the railroad track, and special accessible seating, and will provide the capability to host ticketed events. The as-yet unfunded Phase 2 will be completed as funding allows.

The completion of Phase 1 will respond to the economic harm and health concerns of the COVID-19 pandemic and provide additional momentum for the revitalization of Carbondale's downtown.

Anticipated Start Date: Spring 2024

Estimated Completion Date: Spring 2025

Location: Downtown Carbondale on Washington Street between E. Main Street and E. Walnut Street

Estimated Project Cost: $2,566,800

Funding Source: $2,055,040 from the RDMS Grant; the City will fund the remaining estimated $511,760


Project Impact:

Project Updates:

02/13/2024 - Presented 30% of design documents to the City Council.

12/12/2023 - Approved a contract with Design Works of Carbondale, Illinois, for architectural/engineering services.

12/19/2023 – City calls a meeting of the Carbondale Musicians Advisory Council to assist with the final design of Phase 1

11/15/2023 – City selects Design Works as the architectural firm to design Phase 1 of the Plaza

09/09/2023 - City advertised a Request for Qualifications for an architectural firm to design Phase 1 of the Plaza

09/05/2023 – City receives grant agreement from DCEO

08/15/2022 – City notified of grant award

01/10/2022 – City submitted grant application for $2,055,040

09/10/2021 – The Illinois Department of Commerce & Economic Opportunity (DCEO) released notice of the Rebuild Downtowns & Main Streets Capital Grant program 

More information on the advancement of the Downtown Entertainment & Events Plaza is available here.