Attucks School

Attucks School(Click the photo above for an audio tour)

This new school was named Attucks after Crispus Attucks, a mariner. Attucks was killed by British troops in 1750 as he led a group of colonial protesters in the Boston Massacre. Attucks High School was organized in September of 1920 and was housed with the Attucks Elementary School. W.B. Lewis was the organizer and the first principal, serving until 1933. The student body grew in size from five students in 1920 to approximately one hundred students in 1933. The enrollment in both the elementary school and the high school continued to grow, making it necessary for elementary pupils to be taught in nearby churches and portable buildings. This made it possible for the high school students to maintain their class schedules in the existing building. In September of 1948, a new Attucks High School building was completed because the previous one had become overcrowded. The new school was located next to Attucks Elementary School.