Pinewood Drive Improvements (Completed)

Description: Pinewood Drive has deteriorated in some areas and needs replacing. This project will replace the existing pavement with a new subbase and paving.

Anticipated Start Date: October 2023

Estimated Completion Date: November 2023

Location: Pinewood Drive

Project Cost: $415,000

Funding Source: 100% funded by Motor Fuel Tax revenue.

Contractor: TBD

Project Impact: Drivers should expect delays during construction.

Project Updates:

10/13/2023 - Received new asphalt surface.

09/18/2023 - Contract with Samron has been executed.

08/22/2023 - Contract awarded to Samron Midwest Contracting of Murphysboro, Illinois for $409,364.50.

03/14/2023 - Engineering Services Agreement with IDOT