Permits & Applications

Applications for Planning Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals Cases

Appeal of Administrative Decision

Rezoning (Amendment to Zoning Map)

Special Use Request

Variance Request

Zoning Text Amendment

Building-Related Permits

Building Permit Application for 1 and 2 Family Dwellings (Online or PDF)

Commercial Building Permit (Online or PDF)

Demolition Permit (Online or PDF)

Electrical Permit (Online or PDF)

Enterprise Zone (PDF)

Shed or Carport/Accessory Structure Permit (Online)

Solar Installation Permit Application (Online and PDF)


Administrative Tow Fee Ordinance (PDF)

Agreement to Demolish 

House Moving Permit 

Housing Rehabilitation Contractors Qualification (Online or PDF)

Placement License Juke Box or Mechanical Amusement Device

Site Plan Approval (PDF)

Temporary Encroachment Permit for Sidewalk Restaurant
[Section 17-1-5-F of the Carbondale Revised Code (PDF)]

Temporary Encroachment Permit for Sidewalk Sale
[Section 17-1-5-E-2 of the Carbondale Revised Code (PDF)]

Bed & Breakfast Establishment
Title 5, Chapter 4 of the Carbondale Revised Code as it relates to Bed & Breakfast Establishments (PDF)

Chicken Coop License 

Chicken Coop License Renewal

Frequently Asked Questions About the Rental Housing Inspection Program (PDF)

Hotel/Motel License 

Registration for Roofing Services 

Rental Housing Registration and Designation of Agent 

Sign Permit

Site Plan Checklist (PDF)

Tower and/or Antenna Use Permit (TAUP)

Vacation Rental Unit (Online or PDF)

Waiver of Trial Pay-by-Mail (Online or PDF)

Zoning Certificate (PDF)