Community Service Officer Apprenticeship Program

The Community Service Officer (C.S.O.) apprenticeship is a non-sworn uniform position responsible for assisting sworn and civilian departmental personnel in performing their duties. The C.S.O. apprentice is subject to assignments, shifts, and duties according to the needs of the Department. Another objective of this position is to provide training and experience to C.S.O. apprentices who wish to pursue a career in law enforcement. The Department collaborates with Man-Tra-Con to provide funding for the salaries, as well as other benefits towards the goal of becoming a Carbondale police officer. The apprentices will complete training to learn the operations of the Department, demonstrate proficiency in multiple aspects of law enforcement, and learn how to become a professional police officer. Once a candidate successfully completes the training curriculum, they can apply for the entry-level police officer position without taking the written exam. The physical fitness assessment must be successfully passed.  

The goal of the program is as follows: 

  • Provide training and resources to potential future officers
  • Promote diversity in the Department
  • Assist with Department Recruiting
  • Train successful apprenticeship C.S.O. candidates that will apply to become Carbondale police officers

For more information on the C.S.O. Program, contact the Carbondale Police Department at (618) 457-3200 ext. 443.