Bikeway Network

The City of Carbondale has established a system of recommended bicycle routes. While cyclists are legally allowed on all streets within the City limits, some streets are officially designated as bike routes due to their proximity to destinations like parks and schools, lower traffic volume, or extra width. There are several types of designated routes:

  1. Bike Lanes - Striped or Shoulder: Along several streets, cyclists benefit from designated bicycle lanes. A white stripe and "bike only" markings distinguish the bicycle lane. Green "bike route" signs are also in place along these routes.

  2. Bike Route - Signs Only: Many bicycle routes are on-street routes marked by green "bike route" signs.

  3. Bikeway - Sidepath / Bike Trail: Bicycles may be ridden only on those sidewalks designated by the official City Bikeway Network Map (PDF) and marked with signage.