Annual Calls for Service

*These descriptions are not intended to be all-inclusive and are only examples for each call type category.


Administrative calls for service include calls where officers are attending court, taking fingerprints for a citizen or crime victim, doing follow-up work on a case such as crime scene investigative work, sex offender registrations, serving subpoenas, writing police reports, or attending training.


Proactive calls for service include calls where officers conduct checks of closed businesses, foot patrols, checking residences of community members that are away, parking enforcement, traffic enforcement, and conducting surveillance for criminal activity.


Reactive calls for service include all other calls for service to which officers respond to. These calls include alarms, burglaries, death investigations, domestic incidents, narcotics enforcement, juvenile complaints, trespassing complaints, medical calls, weapons offenses, thefts, traffic crashes, welfare checks, all 911 calls requesting assistance, and many others.

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