Food & Catering Policy

State law requires the City of Carbondale to enforce all guidelines set by the Department of Public Health regarding food safety and sanitation to protect the public. The policy guidelines are subject to amendment at the discretion of the City of Carbondale.


The Civic Center can provide events requiring beverage service. Any event with food service must use a caterer from the list of approved caterers.

All food caterers must provide proof of worker's compensation insurance and a certificate of liability insurance naming the City of Carbondale, Illinois, as an additional insured, stating the date, time, and specific event for which the City has been added as an additional insured. The certification must be received no later than fourteen days before the event.

Only food that is prepared, pre-packaged, and food that may be stored at room temperature, may be left unattended. Perishable food may not be left unattended at any time. The caterer must remain on the premises during the service of perishable food.

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Catering Kitchen

The catering kitchen is available for rental. For charges regarding the rental of the catering kitchen, contact the Civic Center Manager. A cleaning deposit is required for the rental of the catering kitchen. The deposit will be returned to the lessee provided the kitchen and equipment is neat and clean following the scheduled event. The kitchen and equipment used should be wiped down and free of debris. The City will be responsible for cleaning the floor and removing the trash. The City will dispose of anything left behind following the scheduled event unless prior arrangements for storage have been made with the Civic Center Manager.

Food Locations

All food must stay in the rented area of the Civic Center. Food is not allowed in the hallways or any other facility areas.