Liquor License Application & Review Procedures

Beer Gardens

How to Apply

When applying for a liquor license, the following information must be submitted to the City Clerk’s Office before the application is placed on the agenda for review by the Liquor Advisory Board or Liquor Commission:

  • Cash, certified check, credit card, or money order for the application and background check fee
  • Completed accurate application
  • A release of criminal history form for each corporate officer, partner, or individual applying for the license

Review Procedures

  • Liquor Advisory Board reviews liquor license applications and recommends direction to the Local Liquor Control Commission
  • Local Liquor Control Commission approves/denies applications

If the Local Liquor Control Commission approves your license application, the license will not be issued until all outstanding items are received.

  • Certificate of insurance for liability and dram shop insurance
  • A copy of temporary or annual health permit
  • A deed for the property or, in the alternative, a lease for the property extending at least through the end of the license year (June 30)
  • If applicant is an existing corporation, a Certificate of Good Standing must be obtained from the Secretary of State. If the corporate name is not changing, but the officers of the corporation are changing, the applicant must submit verification from the Secretary of State that the corporate officers’ names have been changed at the state level
  • If applicant is a newly-formed corporation, the Certificate of Incorporation received from the Secretary of State must be submitted
  • If the corporation was formed in a state other than Illinois, a Certificate must be submitted from the Illinois Secretary of State certifying that the corporation is authorized to do Business in the State of Illinois
  • Proof of compliance with Beverage Alcohol Sellers and Servers Educational Training
  • Proof of State Retailer’s Occupation Tax Number
  • Residency in city limits is required by either a sole proprietor, partner, corporate officer, manager or agent; proof of residency must be submitted
  • The Fire Department and Building and Neighborhood Services will jointly inspect the premises at the request of the applicant. As soon as the premises are ready for inspection, the Applicant should notify the City’s Building Inspector by calling 618-457-3237

Permit for License

Once a license is approved, you will be issued a 180-Day Permit. You must meet the requirements for your liquor license within 180 days of approval or repeat the application process.