City of Carbondale Parking

The City of Carbondale maintains 1,265 parking spaces downtown. Meter payment is enforced from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Saturday, unless otherwise noted on signage. The following code key can be used in conjunction with the metered parking lot map (PDF).

Lot Number
3 South Washington and East Mill Street
4 South Illinois Avenue and Lincoln Drive
7 108 N Illinois Avenue (Town Square Pavilion, No Meters)
8 611 S Illinois Avenue
10 200 S Illinois Avenue (City Hall)
11 110 S Illinois Avenue (Across from Mary Lou's)
12 South Illinois Avenue (Amtrak)
13 413 S Illinois Avenue (Amtrak Station to College Street)
14 200 S Illinois Avenue (Carbondale Civic Center)
15 North Illinois Avenue at Chestnut Street
16 169 N Washington Street (Across from Tres Hombres)
23 100 E Jackson Street (Next to Longbranch)
24 Renfro Street South of College
25 209 S Illinois Avenue (Behind Cristaudo's)
26 901 S Illinois Avenue (Behind Harbaugh's)


City Parking Ordinances can be found in the Carbondale Revised Code. Parking permits and special parking privileges are available by calling the Parking Division.

Violation Payment by Mail

  • Make an online payment
  • Return the citation with your payment to the Parking Office
    Write the citation number on your check
    Make payment to the City of Carbondale

In-Person Payment of Violation

Bring the citation with your payment to City Hall between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday. After-hours payment may be made at the payment box located at the Monroe Street entrance of City Hall.

Fine Schedule

Type of Violation
Fine if Received Within 2 Days
Fine if Received Within 3 to 13 Days
Fine if Received After 13 Days
Overtime Parking
$7 $10 $20
Illegal Parking
$10 $15 $20
Handicapped Parking
Not Applicable
$250 Not Applicable
Expired Registration
Not Applicable
$35 Not Applicable