Building & Development

The Community Development Department of the City of Carbondale is prepared to guide you through the development process. Meet with the Community Development Department BEFORE making any investments to ensure your plan meets all zoning and building requirements. Community Development offices can be reached at 618-457-3248.

Development Issues

The following is a brief overview of development issues:

  • Determine if your planned business type is permitted at the location selected. This can be accomplished by contacting the City of Carbondale Planning Services on the second floor of:
    City Hall
    200 S Illinois Avenue
    Carbondale, IL 62901
    If the site is zoned for your use, obtain a zoning certificate. If rezoning is needed, allow eight weeks lead time because of State law requirements.
  • If your project involves expanding or building a new structure (other than one house or duplex on a lot) or building a parking lot for more than four cars, a site plan will be required and must be approved by the City. A site plan review usually occurs within one week after submitting the site plan. Site plan requirements and applications are available from Planning Services.
  • If your project includes new construction, an addition, or remodeling to a structure, a building permit is required from the City. Required electrical, plumbing, and mechanical permits are also issued by the Building and Neighborhood Services Division.
  • If your project includes signage, a sign permit is also required. Before ordering a sign, have your sign-maker check with the Building and Neighborhood Services Division to be sure the sign meets code standards.
  • If you do not have a specific location for your business, time can be saved by contacting a local realtor and explaining your needs.