Animal Control & Licensing

The City of Carbondale Police Department is responsible for licensing and enforcement of City and State laws pertaining to animals. The Department employs a full-time Animal Control Officer.

State Animal Control Act & City Ordinances

Compliance with the State Animal Control Act and City ordinances provide protection for both residents and animals. The Police Department has established a number of procedures for handling animal complaints which address this purpose.

Title Three of the Carbondale Revised Code pertains to the humane treatment and control of animals within the City.

Shelter Requirements

Residents that keep animals on their property within the City of Carbondale must provide shelter that is:

  • Adequately safe and sanitary
  • Not including animal carriers, recycled chemical drums or other personal property which is not intended to provide animal shelter
  • Protected from the weather
  • Sufficient size for the animal to stand in an upright position and lie down stretched out so that no part of its body need touch any wall or roof of the structure
  • Sufficient to provide natural light or artificial illumination


All dogs four months and older must be licensed. The annual fee is $25 for un-neutered dogs and $5 for neutered. You can apply for your license at the Carbondale Police Department or by completing the online e-pay form