Liquor Advisory Board

The Liquor Advisory Board is specifically granted the following powers and duties: (1) to review all liquor license applications; (2) to meet and discuss liquor license applications with all applicants; (3) to render an advisory opinion to the Local Liquor Control Commission as to the merits or demerits of each liquor license application it reviews; (4) to receive and investigate complaints made by citizens of the City regarding liquor licenses; (5) to monitor all liquor licensees to assure their compliance with the laws of the City and the  State; (6) to review the provisions of this Code pertaining to alcoholic liquor and to make recommendations to the City Council and/or the Local Liquor Control Commission regarding those provisions; (7) to perform such other functions and duties as requested by the City Council, from time to time, by motion.

Composition: Seven (7) voting members and one (1) ex-officio member who shall not be eligible to vote on matters before the Liquor Advisory Board, but may participate in discussions as fully as the seven (7) voting members. The Mayor shall appoint, with the consent of the City Council, all members of the Liquor Advisory Board. Of the seven (7) voting members, two (2) shall be students at Southern Illinois University. No voting member shall be employed by, own stock in, be a partner in, have an interest in or own personally any business entity which has a license for the sale or distribution of liquor by retail or wholesale. However, the ex-officio (non-voting) member shall be selected from among the corporate officers, partners or individual proprietors which hold a liquor license within the City.

Terms of Office: Except as provided herein, each member shall be appointed for a term of three (3) years. The two (2) student members shall be appointed for a term of one (1) year, which term shall coincide with the term of office of the President of Southern Illinois University Undergraduate Student Government and the Graduate and Professional Student Council. Members of the Liquor Advisory Board are eligible to be reappointed when their terms expire. Members must reside within the corporate limits or within one and one-half mile (1 1/2) of the corporate boundaries. (CRC 2-3-2 and 2-3-3)

Members of the Liquor Advisory Board are:

 David Cisco
 Anastasios Karayiannis
 John Mills (Vice Chair)
 Donald D. Monty (Chair)
 Steve Payne (Ex-Officio)
 Mark Robinson ( 

 Taylor Delaney (GPSC)
 Henry Webber (USG)

 Jennifer Sorrell (Staff)

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