Human Relations Commission

The Human Relations Commission was created on April 8, 2003 by Ordinance No. 2003-13 to serve as an advisory body to the City Council on human relations; to study problems relating to relationships among individuals and groups of all kinds; to coordinate the establishment and maintenance of educational programs in the community designed to bring about better human relations; to promote mutual understanding and foster equality among all persons in the community; to institute and conduct educational and other programs to promote the equal rights and opportunities of all persons, to assist the general public in contacting the appropriate agency and/or person to file a complaint with the Illinois Human Rights Commission and/or the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for alleged discrimination; to prepare an annual report; to make recommendations regarding positive human relations; and to receive report from law enforcement agencies regarding a summary of complaints and their disposition in order to monitor trends and problems.

Composition: Eleven (11) members appointed by the Mayor with the consent of the Council, who reflect the broad ethnic and cultural diversity of the Carbondale community. The Mayor should take steps to appoint a Commission with representation from all quadrants of the City as well as the business community. One member shall be a full-time SIU student.

All members must reside within the corporate limits or within one-and-one-half miles of the corporate limits. Initial terms are to be staggered, with three members appointed for one year (one of which is the student appointment), four members appointed for two years and four members appointed for three years. Subsequent terms shall be for three years. (CRC 1-14I-1, 1-14I2, 1-14I-3 and 1-14I-4).

Members of the Human Relations Commission are:

 Jerrold Hennrich (Chair)
 Dr. Joseph Brown 

 Karriem Shariati 

 Stephanie Brown

 Dora Weaver
 Ted Guiterez (Business Rep)

 Courtney Beverly (Staff)

 Vacancy - 4

 Joshua Bowers (Student)

Small groups, called Study Circles, address issues of relevance to improving human relations in Carbondale. The following link provides access to the these groups:


Carbondale Conversations for Community Action - Study Circles

For more information access the Human Relations WebPage.


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