FireFighters Pension Fund Board of Trustees

In accordance with Illinois Revised Statutes, there is hereby created a Board of Trustees of the FireFighters Pension Fund, which board shall consist of two persons who shall be chosen from the firefighters of the City, one other person who shall be chosen from the firefighters who have been duly retired and two members appointed by the Mayor. The members of this board are to be chosen from the active and retired firefighters and shall be elected by a ballot at an election to be held on the third Monday of April of the applicable years under the Australian ballot system, at such place in the City, under regulations as shall be prescribed by such provisions of this section shall cast more than one vote at such election for each candidate for whom he shall be eligible to vote. Each member of the board so elected shall hold his position as such for a term of three years and until his successor shall have been duly elected and qualified. The board shall elect from its number a president, a retiree representative and a secretary.

Members of the FireFighters Pension Board of Trustees are:

 Theodore Lomax (President)
 Mike Hertz (Secretary)
 Harry Threlkeld (Retiree Rep)

Jeff Davis (Finance) 
Becky Applegate (Finance)


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