Carbondale Convention and Tourism Bureau

The Carbondale Convention and Tourism Bureau Bylaws state that the Board of Directors shall consist of nine members appointed by the Mayor of the City of Carbondale, with the advice and consent of the Carbondale City Council. The Mayoral appointed voting members shall reside or work for tourism related businesses within the City of Carbondale's mile-and-a-half zoning boundary. Additionally, the board may appoint non-voting advisory members as it so chooses. The Mayor shall also serve as an ex-officio member. The terms of appointment shall be three years, beginning on the first day of the Carbondale Convention and Tourism Bureau's fiscal year (May 1).

Members of the Carbondale Convention and Tourism Bureau are all appointed by the City of Carbondale.

 Shane Carsrud
 Roxanne Conley
 Winslow Chou
 Carol King
 Beth Ponce
 Carolin Harvey
 Jack Wissmann

 Casey Twomey
 Rod Sievers (SIU Rep)


 Mayor Mike Henry



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