Infrastructure Improvement Grant

On September 3, 2003, the City Council of the City of Carbondale established a Home Ownership Program for the City. The program is designed to offer incentives to developers of new subdivisions in the City for the construction of owner-occupied housing units

The Infrastructure Improvement grant offers developers of new subdivisions $2,000 per improved lot. For purposes of the grant, an improved lot may consist of a residential structure wit up to four dwelling units depending on the zoning classification of the land. In addition, any building permit or zoning certificate fees required by the City of Carbondale are waived once a new residential structure is constructed on the lots.

Developer agrees:

• To develop a new subdivision in a R-1-8, R-1-12, R-1-15, R-2 or R-2.4 zoning district within the corporate limits of the City of Carbondale.
• To set a maximum sale price for each lot.
• To place a requirement on each lot that a residential structure maintain owner occupancy for a minimum of 18 consecutive months.
• That new residential structures will be taxed as real property. Residential structures may consist of one, two, three or four units with each unit on a separate lot.

City agrees:

• To pay developer $5,000 for each improved lot upon completion of all subdivision improvements.
• To waive all building and zoning permit fees for new residential structures constructed.

Grant Approval Process

• Check the property’s zoning eligibility and if property is in or adjacent to the Carbondale City limits.
• Submit subdivision plat for new subdivision to Development Services Department. The Planning Commission will complete a review of the subdivision. The subdivision also needs approval by the City Council.
• Enter into a grant agreement with the City of Carbondale.
• Complete all subdivision improvements.
• Collect $5,000 per improved lot from City of Carbondale. 
• Maintain occupancy requirements and maximum sale price in accordance with the grant agreement.

For more information contact:
Travis Taylor, Housing Programs Administrator
Phone: 618-549-5302 ext. 346

or visit us at the City Hall/Civic Center
2nd Floor, Room 251
200 South Illinois Avenue
Carbondale, Illinois 62901


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