Civic Center Liquor Policy

  • Patrons must use a liquor licensee from the Civic Center's approved list
  • All state and local laws are in effect and will be enforced for service of alcoholic liquor
  • Liquor licensees are required to provide a certificate of dram shop liability insurance listing the City of Carbondale as additionally insured for the specific event including date and time or an annual blanket. This must be received no later than 14 days before scheduled event to avoid cancellation of the reservation
  • The service of liquor is not allowed before 8am, Monday-Saturday, before 11am on Sunday or after midnight, Monday-Saturday
  • When liquor is sold on Civic Center premises in conjunction with beer or wine tasting events, seal of purchased package(s) are not allowed to be broken on premises
  • Liquor may only be served and must remain in room(s) rented - NO ALCOHOL OUTSIDE OF BUILDING. Lessee and liquor caterer shall be jointly responsible for enforcement
  • There will be a beverage surcharge for all events with liquor; surcharge varies with the number of attendees
  • In the case where the City of Carbondale deems it necessary, lessee will be required to pay for an off-duty police officer to monitor event
  • Alcohol can only be served at events where food is provided
  • Open Bar/Cash Bar Procedures:
    *   Patrons cannot serve themselves; only employer of the liquor caterer may serve alcoholic beverages
    *   No more than 1 drink per person at a time
    *   No selling, delivering, or offering drinks by the pitcher
  • The City reserves the right to terminate the serving of alcohol at any time during the event

All procedures for service of alcoholic liquor will be strictly enforced. Failure to follow procedures will result in removal from the approved liquor licensee list and may result in submission of violations to the Liquor Control Commission.

Type of Events Alcoholic Beverages Allowed

Wedding Receptions, Anniversaries & Birthdays - Yes
Reunions - Yes
Banquets - Yes
Political Fund Raisers - Yes
Private Trade Shows and Exhibitions - Yes
Business Board Meetings - Yes
Concerts - Open to General Public - No
Trade Shows - Open to General Public - No
Sports Events - Live or Televised - No
All activities for persons under age 21 - No


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