Civic Center Beverage & Break Options

The Civic Center provides many types of food and beverages for small events up to 100 people. If you have special requests, contact the Civic Center Manager at (618) 457-3209.

Wake-up Call

Freshly brewed regular and decaffeinated coffee, hot tea and iced tea.

Cool Splash

Iced-down assortment available in your choice of the following: Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, 7-Up, orange juice, apple juice, cranberry juice or bottled water.

The Continental

Freshly brewed regular and decaffeinated coffee, assorted juices, assorted donuts and mini pasteries.





  • All of the above break options include pitchers of water in rooms
  • Plastic table service may be provided without purchasing any above option including clear, hard plastic cups, small hors d'oeuvre plates, beverage napkins, and plastic flatware
  • All break options are self-serve. Call the Civic Center Manager for replenishments
  • Replenishments must be signed for and will be billed on master billing statement at end of event
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