Hospitals and Primary Healthcare Providers


Carbondale enjoys the support of many primary health providers and great trama centers. The Memorial Hospital is located in the heart of Carbondale and serves its home city, as well as, all of the surrounding cities.

The Memorial Hospital of Carbondale houses an award wining birthing center. Recent expansions have also made Memorial Hospital of Carbondale the primary hospital for all of our surrounding cities.


Please visit the Southern Illinois Healthcare website for information about Southern Illinois network hospitals.


Carbondale also enjoys many urgent care centers and world class doctors.

The Center for Medical Arts, formerly Carbondale Clinic, is a multi-disciplinary health care facility serving the residents of southern Illinois. Primary care services include family medicine, internal medicine, and pediatrics. The Center also provides access to specialty care services such as general surgery, gastroenterology, and infectious disease.




The Prairie Heart Institute of Springfield occupies a location on the block at Carbondale Memorial Hospital. Prairie's mission was created from this simple motto: "To optimally serve our patients and their physicians in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease with compassion and dignity, assurance of quality, research, and education."

Doctors, trained at premier medical institutions, come from around the world to practice at Prairie. And, patients come from the Midwest to experience the Prairie difference. Prairie physicians at Prairie Cardiovascular are nationally recognized as leaders in cardiovascular care. More heart patients are cared for by Prairie than any other program in Illinois. The Prairie Heart Institute currently has more than 47 board certified physicians and 35 clinic sites in Illinois. Prairie is a national leader in the innovation and development of new diagnostic and treatment procedures and continues to advance medicine with a very active research program.








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