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State of the City Address - December 16, 2015

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Interested in Serving on a City Board or Commission?

The Carbondale City govern­ment has many citizen boards and commissions that may benefit from your involvement, including the Planning Commission, the Hu­man Relations Commission, the Li­brary Board of Trustees, the Preser­vation Commission and many more. If you are interested in becoming involved in your City government and would like to be considered for a position on one of the boards or commissions, complete an ap­plication and submit it to the De­partment of the City Manager at 200 South Illinois Avenue in Carbondale, Illinois 62901 or Applica­tions are always welcome and are reviewed for consideration as open­ings occur to match interests and experience with community and membership needs.

You may complete the “Boards and Commissions Application” on the City’s website or email the application to in care of the Mayor’s Office.

The following list includes City boards as well as regional boards that the City appoints a represen­tative to:

  • Board of Fire and Police Commissioners
  • Building Board of Appeals
  • Carbondale Convention and Tourism Bureau
  • Carbondale Information and Telecommunications Commission
  • Community Development and Loan Grant Review Board
  • Electrical Commission
  • Fire Fighters Pension Fund Board of Trustees
  • Human Relations Commission
  • Jackson County Emergency Telephone Services Board
  • Library Board
  • Liquor Advisory Board
  • Personnel Board
  • Planning Commission/Zoning Board of Appeals
  • Police Pension Fund Board of Trustees
  • Preservation Commission
  • Southern Illinois Airport Authority
  • Sustainability Commission

 This issues’ featured commission: HUMAN RELATIONS COMMISSION

The Human Relations Commis­sion was created on April 8, 2003 by Ordinance No. 2003-13 to serve as an advisory body to the City Council on human relations;

  • To study problems relating to relationships among individuals and groups of all kinds;
  • To coordinate the establish­ment and maintenance of educa­tional programs in the community designed to bring about better hu­man relations;
  • To promote mutual under-stand­ing and foster equality among all persons in the community;
  • To institute and conduct ed­ucational and other programs to promote the equal rights and op­portunities of all persons;
  • To assist the general public in contacting the appropriate agency and/or person to file a complaint with the Illinois Human Rights Commission and/or the Equal Em­ployment Opportunity Commis­sion for alleged discrimination;
  • To prepare an annual report;
  • To make recommendations re­garding positive human relations; And to receive reports from law enforcement agencies regarding a summary of complaints and their disposition in order to monitor trends and problems.

Composition: Eleven members appointed by the Mayor with the consent of the Council, who reflect the broad ethnic and cultural diver­sity of the Carbondale communi­ty. The Mayor should take steps to appoint a Commission with repre­sentation from all quadrants of the City as well as the business com­mun-ity. One member shall be a full-time SIUC student. All mem­bers must reside within the corpo­rate limits or within one-and-one-half miles of the corporate limits. Initial terms are to be staggered, with three members appointed for one year (one of which is the student appointment), four mem­bers appointed for two years and four members appointed for three years. Subsequent terms shall be for three years. CRC 1-141-1, 1-141- 2, 1-141-3 and 1-141-4.

The Mayor, City Council and City staff are here to serve you and look forward to making your acquaintance. For information about all of the ser­vices available to you through the City of Carbondale, contact the Carbondale City Hall at 549-5302 or stop by and visit us at 200 South Illinois Avenue.

John “Mike” Henry
City of Carbondale
(618) 457-3229

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Quick Facts

  • The Mayor is the official head of the City, presides at all meetings of the City Council, and is empowered to declare civil emergencies during which time he may take any steps necessary to protect the health, safety and welfare of the citizens and the community.
  • By virtue of his office, the Mayor serves as Chairman of the Local Liquor Control Commission, is a board member of the Southern Illinois Enforcement Group (regional drug task force), and appoints all members of City boards, commissions and committees.
  • There are no term limits for individuals serving in elected office in Carbondale. The Mayor and all City Council members are elected at-large (community-wide) and serve staggered, four-year terms of office.
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