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State of the City Address - December 13, 2016

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From the Mayor

Planning for the Eclipse is essentially complete, thanks to our city staff and dozens of volunteers. We have coordinated our planning with SIU and are nearing the implementation stage. You have probably seen our Public Works people painting light poles and traffic signals as well as restriping crosswalks and lane markers. Many of our businesses are sprucing up as well. Of course, there are two things that are somewhat unpredictable:  the weather (only a very slight chance of rain) and the size of the crowd (the best educated guess is 40,000 - 50,000 visitors)

Just in time for the Eclipse and the start of SIU’s 2017 fall semester, much of Illinois Avenue will have new sidewalks and streetlights, new landscaping, mini parks, free Wi-Fi and maybe even a fountain. And, yes, the steps and wall in front of Dairy Queen have been updated! Our bars and restaurants can now have dining areas on the sidewalks, and we intend to install benches, bike racks and public art throughout the downtown. Many of these will be designed by SIU students. We have a new “Entry Marker” on the east side of town and the old Horizon Inn is nothing more than a memory! IHOP, Panda Express and Casey’s have all opened in the past few months and the Hilton Home2 Suites should be open just after the first of the year.

As I have said before, “We have a great City Council that works hard and understands the value of compromise. Our City Staff and employees are second to none.  Everyone is working together to get things done – to move Carbondale forward.  Our citizens are engaged in the process and know that they will be given a chance to be heard.

John “Mike” Henry
City of Carbondale
(618) 457-3229

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Quick Facts

  • The Mayor is the official head of the City, presides at all meetings of the City Council, and is empowered to declare civil emergencies during which time he may take any steps necessary to protect the health, safety and welfare of the citizens and the community.
  • By virtue of his office, the Mayor serves as Chairman of the Local Liquor Control Commission, is a board member of the Southern Illinois Enforcement Group (regional drug task force), and appoints all members of City boards, commissions and committees.
  • There are no term limits for individuals serving in elected office in Carbondale. The Mayor and all City Council members are elected at-large (community-wide) and serve staggered, four-year terms of office.
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